Attracting and retaining students in critical times

The case for a more effective
approach to CRM in higher education

Right now, higher education institutions are involved in a constant battle to attract Student Engagement Reportstudents and retain students. And the job is getting tougher each year, as each institute tries to meet rising expectations from digitally-savvy students.

In this report we explore how customer relationship management (CRM) can overcome many of the most pressing challenges, and explore why – to date – a CRM strategy has fallen short. Crucially, the report outlines a roadmap for future success.

Inside the report:

  • Crunching the numbers: Why change is a financial imperative
  • The case for CRM: How can it help?
  • The need to break down data silos: Challenges for CRM managers and IT
  • Tackling entrenched resistance to change: Challenges for CIOs
  • Struggles in getting the results that matter
  • Creating the business case for change

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