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How Crimson's Refreshingly Straightforward Approach 
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It’s never been easier to pull out your credit card and start running Microsoft CRM in your business. But getting people to use CRM effectively is an elusive skill that cannot be found in any Microsoft Partner how-to manual. 

Crimson’s battle-tested formula breaks the elephant down so that you get at least 10x the return from your Microsoft investment:

  • You get the confidence (and budget) to move forward. Before we put a jet engine on your CRM, we first make sure it can glide. Taking an iterative approach lowers the risk, avoids high-cost projects and validates assumptions about what should work for your business.
  • Your people will PUSH to gain access to your new CRM. It sounds obvious, but most forget that poor user buy-in kills CRM projects. Taking Crimson's radical bottom-up approach gets all your teams excited about wanting a piece of the action.
  • You access the best advice money can buy. When Microsoft runs its own high-profile CRM projects they call on Crimson to get the job done. How do we get to employ the best permanent people? Because being part of a $1BN global IT recruitment company gives us earlier access to the talent hidden pools. 

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What clients are saying...

We're breaking new ground here at Salford, and we want to work with partners that are not tied to the way things have been done in this sector in the past. With Crimson, that's exactly what we've got."
- John Whitlow, CIO, University of Salford
"Crimson and the expert team we’ve worked with have been crucial in getting our system established and working effectively across the firm”

- Clare Palmer, Marketing Director, Slater Heelis LLP


Crimson’s straightforward approach has ensured successful adoption"

- Felicity Sutton, CRM Manager, Interserve


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