Microsoft Art Of The Possible Workshop

A workshop to help you decode the future, get more from your Microsoft investment, and open your team’s thinking to new ways of working.

By 2030 analysts predict that machines a thousand times more powerful than the human brain will be responsible for making a third of today’s UK jobs redundant.

Asset digitisation, artificial intelligence and highly scalable cloud computing all play their part in moving the world into The Fourth Industrial Revolution. But what does this mean for your business structure? As ‘information workers’ make way for ‘wisdom workers’ and their personal (digital) assistants, where are the new opportunities to ramp up your organisation’s productivity and creativity?

Big technology vendors paint a big, bright future, but how do we get the right foundations in place to leverage the promise of this new dawn? Art of the Possible from Crimson is a workshop led by Crimson’s sharpest business and technology thinkers, and those closest to Microsoft, the global tech giant enjoying a spectacular renaissance.  

Who is Art of the Possible for?

Art of the Possible is for strategists, blue sky thinkers and business leaders looking to understand how they can keep pace with technology opportunities and make productivity breakthroughs.

Your organisation has probably already invested in Microsoft cloud business tools, such as Dynamics 365 or Office 365, but wants to know how to get more from the investment.

What do I get from the workshop?

Your team will come away with actionable ideas. They will gain an understanding of the current Microsoft technology landscape and its potential to change the internal workings of your business. Lastly, we aim to inspire your teams so that they are excited about the future possibilities of your organisation.

What’s covered?

Art of the Possible is flexible to your current business priorities, while directing your attention to important trends. The workshop lasts approximately three hours and is broken down into the following sessions:

SESSION ONE: Technology state of the nation

  • Where are we headed? What is your vision for the future and how does it align to Microsoft’s strategy and business product roadmap (getting most out of their investment).
  • Exploring the Microsoft Platform: the hidden depths of O365 and how to get more from your investment.
  • The rise of the Microsoft Cloud: why is it fast becoming the first choice for business?
  • Debunking the super trends: sifting through the hype and reality of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We explore how you can implement ‘the basics’ that will enable you to take advantage of emerging technologies.

SESSION TWO: Productivity deep dive

Choose up to six topics most aligned with your business priorities:

  • Mobile working: how to empower your teams to work beyond the physical office, while protecting your data.
  • Effective communication: a cornerstone of productivity, Microsoft’s communication tools can help respond to the challenges of working with teams in different locations and time zones. We explore the email, messaging, voice and video channels available that can bring colleagues, suppliers and partners closer together.
  • Going social: the next generation of workers are accustomed to sharing and collaborating with easy-to-use social media tools. We explore how these tools can now work in a business context.
  • Downtime reduction: as we become increasingly reliant on technology to manage our working lives, we look at how system maintenance need not burden your internal IT teams.
  • Breaking the IT legacy burden: is your IT team perceived as a cost centre struggling to respond to business demand? We share how Microsoft’s Cloud is making IT teams work more strategically so that you can break the hidden costs of ‘shadow IT’.
  • Beyond shared document drives: live document collaboration, accurate version control and intelligent surfacing of relevant content are all possible when organisations move away from traditional shared document drives. We explore the options and tools available.

  • Workplace analytics: how to turn user email and calendar activity into behavioural metrics. We explore the possibilities, while respecting individual privacy.
  • Dynamic reporting dashboards: we introduce you to powerful reporting tools empowering individuals with actionable insight.

  • Accelerating innovation: how are you empowering and encouraging your people to share their ideas with everyone in the organisation? We explore how Crimson has used Microsoft technology to breathe new life into one organisation’s approach to driving innovation.

  • There’s an app for that: we explore how the consumerisation of IT means that businesses can now enjoy the benefits of apps that fill gaps in their workflow. We explore the benefits and highlight the current shortfalls.
  • Workflow automation: discover the easy-to-use tools your people can use to quickly automate common day-to-day tasks.

SESSION THREE: Ideation and round-up

Now your teams have clarity on important technology trends, we guide and capture their ideas about what they can do soon and in the mid-term to harness the opportunity. We share with you ideas and steps you can take to help drive forward your ideas in low risk and manageable steps. And finally, we leave your team feeling inspired and excited about the future possibilities of your organisation.

Book your Art Of The Possible

Qualifying organisations can book their Art of Possible Workshop at no cost. To discuss your priority topics contact Crimson’s sales team on 01675 466 477 or complete the form on this page.

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