Microsoft Dynamics 365 Assess2Progress

Evaluate the potential to transform the success of your sales, marketing and customer services

Crimson’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Assess2Progress Workshop will help accelerate your team’s understanding of the potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) in your organisation.  

Our team will work with you to map your priorities against the features and Crimson’s own exclusive accelerators. Additionally, you will gain the lessons from hundreds of projects Crimson has undertaken so that you can evaluate your readiness for success.

Who should attend the Assess2Progress Workshop?

We recommend sales, marketing and/or customer service leaders or sponsors attend Crimson’s Assess2Progress Workshop. Attendees will be seeking to know how they can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to attract, win and serve their customers more effectively, at less cost.

How long is the Assess2Progress Workshop?

To maximise value from the time spent, Crimson’s interactive workshops typically last three and a half hours.

Part One: Familiarisation

In the first session we will cover key areas of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • User interface familiarisation and key principles.
  • Working with Outlook and Office 365.
  • Using reporting dashboards for actionable insight.
  • Accessibility on mobile devices.
  • Configuring the platform with additional fields and entities.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Extending to other third-party applications.

Part Two: Deep-dive demonstrations

In the second session you can choose up to 8 areas from the table below to help prioritise what you would want from a potential customer engagement project.

Attract Win Serve

Build and track multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Build and clean marketing lists with Mint.

Effective email marketing and tracking.

Identify and target website visitors.

Social media listening and engagement.

Get personal with SMS messaging.

Streamline channel management activities.

Engage website visitors with live chat.

Business development: planning for success.

Key account management: boosting customer value.

Streamline bid and tender management.

Identify buying signals from recorded interactions.

Combine LinkedIn to connect with the right people.

Better leveraging your business network.

Shortcut the funding application process.

Create a better customer-on-boarding experience.

Self-service portals: giving more, costing you less.

Optimise service contract management.

Service scheduling and updating customers.

Mobile productivity for field service teams.

Manage, resource and track complex projects. 

A single customer view for call centre teams.

Solving the call first time with knowledgebases.

Telephone integration: serve faster, gain insight.

Turn complaints into a more positive experience.

GDPR compliance.

Part Three:
Preparing for success

In the final session of the Assess2Progress Workshop we explore common challenges in achieving ROI and project success. You will benefit from the lessons Crimson’s team has learnt from hundreds of technology change projects, including:

  • How to reduce the risk of investing time and money.
  • How to ensure greater user adoption, drive ownership and turn users into active advocates.
  • How to build the business case back to the business.

How to arrange your Assess2Progress Workshop

Qualifying organisations are entitled to receive Crimson’s Assess2Progress Workshop at no cost. To arrange your slot and discuss your priorities, please complete the form on this page or call the sales team today on 01675 466 477 


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