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Benchmark UK IT salaries in minutes

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What's inside?

  • A comprehensive list of IT salaries and IT contractor rates
  • 42 major IT job titles
  • A review of the IT jobs market in 2023
  • An overview of the key hiring trends in 2024
  • A list of in-demand skill sets
  • Find out how to gain board membership and influence the board
  • Learn how to onboard new employees effectively 
  • CV tips for IT professionals 
  • Essential advice for employers looking to advertise IT roles

Struggling to attract and retain IT professionals?

Download the report to find how to improve your hiring strategy and remain competitive. 

Salary Survey

"Talent development and retention will be crucial 
throughout 2024, and ensuring a thorough 
assessment process that is enlightening for 
both candidate and customer will be essential. 
AI is becoming increasingly prevalent; therefore, 
a comprehensive yet pacey selection and 
onboarding process is required to ensure skills 
and experience are aligned to competencies 
and culture fit.”.

- Louise Clarke, Recruitment Services Director, Crimson

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Mark Gittus

“Crimson's sector knowledge, insight, and capability help us add value to our internal stakeholders.”

- Mark Gittus, Head of Resourcing, Sciensus.