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The Nash Squared Digital Leadership Report: benchmark your organisation's progress against global leaders

The 2023 Nash Squared Digital Leadership Report is the world’s largest and longest-running survey of senior technology decision-makers. Launched in 1998 and previously called the CIO Survey, it has been an influential and respected indicator of major trends in technology and digital for over two decades.

Over the last 25 years, the research has taken in the views of over 50,000 technology leaders. Find out what they are saying in 2023.

The top 7 findings of the report

  • Budget caution, but investment remains: Almost half of digital leaders expect their overall technology budget to increase during the next 12 months – a figure that’s broadly inline with pre-pandemic years.

  • AI – a new Wild West?:  Four in ten are unprepared for the implications of generative AI, and there are clear concerns on regulating it, as well as issues with data privacy and data accuracy. Our respondents wholly acknowledge that AI requires heavier regulation.

  • Cyber issues are down, but for how long?: Major cyberattacks appear to be declining, but the nature of attacks is changing. Generative AI is likely to become a bigger threat.

  • Skills shortage less intense: This year sees headcount growth expectations decline, jumping from an all-time peak during the pandemic to something more in line with the decade prior to the pandemic. Read more about employee retention and the most in-demand skills in the report.

  • Digital leaders (re)gaining influence: The number of digital leaders on the board has increased.

  • Hybrid working improves diversity: Read about the most common working patterns for organisations and their implications in the report.

  • Net Zero: Just under half of digital leaders said that their organisation had no plan to reach net zero.

"As you will read in the report we are stepping into a future dominated by AI, data analytics and even smarter, connected devices. Opportunity? Threat? It depends of course on how you respond. But one thing is for sure: the Nash Squared DLR 
will be there to help on your journey

- Bev White, CEO at Nash Squared

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